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Timber Cabins & the Caravan Act

We have built a few timber cabins that fall under the Caravan Act – and although we are not an expert in planning legislation and the legalities that involve the Caravan Act, once the decision has been made to build under the Caravan Act, we can certainly build you a timber cabin to comply.

You may ask why not just site a caravan?

Well these things are a personal choice. Immediately what comes to mind is the aesthetics – a pre-fabricated caravan, often built to a specific set of designs and finishes, internally and externally may not be the finish and look you desire. It may be that you feel that with materials used, the construction methods are not to your liking, and you wish to have a build that is made locally, using locally sourced materials where possible.

Furthermore, our timber cabins are built with FSC sourced timber. Where at all possible the timbers are home grown and have travelled often only within the county that we are serving. This means that the local forestry, local sawmills and the local businesses all benefit and help drive our economy forward in these difficult times.

Built in Devon, the following Timber Cabin was built under the Caravan Act to the specifications of our client.

It is a one bedroom timber cabin, with open plan living area, bedroom, bathroom, cloakroom and large utility/boot room – designed for a rural farm.

Our journey began with a sketch drawn by the client, working to the existing footprint of an old and tired caravan that needed replacing.

We do not need architects drawings, or expensive plans, as the first step is to clear and frank as to what we can build for you and the costs involved.  It is very important from the outset that there is an understanding of what you can buy for what cost. Timber prices, when compared like for like should be similar between suppliers – but the important words here are ‘like for like’ The remainder of the costs are the labour and overall costs of materials and an initial meeting will give you a comprehensive idea of costing of the timber cabin.

The base for any building has to be firm, flat and level, and certainly in the case of a timber cabin, be of a quality that can take a building that will weigh several tonnes.

We recommend, and use a company called https://stop-digging.co.uk/

This is a system of ground screws, scientifically installed in any environment to take any size and weight of building. Luke Denno is the person that covers the South West region and can give full professional advice and quotations on any project you have – and stop-digging is not just for timber cabins. [email protected]

The Timber cabin was constructed in our workshop in panels, and then taken to site where is was installed on the base Luke had provided.

The exterior of the timber cabin is clad in home grown feather edge, over a breathable waterproof membrane. the timber cabin is lined with celotex 50mm insulation, and then boarded with a 1″ sawfalling board to achieve a rustic cabin feel within the building. The main timbers used to construct the timber cabin are all construction grade c24 tanalised timbers. These are Scandinavian redwood timbers as here in the UK we cannot grow the construction grade timbers we use for the frame. The roof is finished with a homegrown cedar shingle tile roof, needing no maintenance and life expectancy in excess of 80 years.

Investing in a timber cabin should be for a lifetime – we would love to hear from you if you have a timber cabin project in mind – look out for our blogs on the forthcoming timber cabin projects – no one timber cabin is ever the same.