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Shed Standard Pent – Devon & Somerset Suppliers


Shed standard Pent  features

3” x 2” Roof

Supreme Pent shed - Devon and Somerset suppliers

If Standard Pent door option W, X or Y are
chosen then the height of the door will be
reduced by 190mm to 1575mm x 762mm.

Fully tongue and grooved construction
Door can be positioned on any side or end wall
Lock and key

Shed standard Pent specification

Sizes from: 1.22m x 1.22m (4’ x 4’) to 3.66m x 2.44m (12’ x 8’)
Eaves height 68” / 1737mm
Ridge height 76” / 1953mm
Door (front) 1765mm x 762mm
Door (to 4ft end) 1690mm x 762mm
Windows 610mm x 457mm
Framing 38mm x 50mm
Cladding 16mm x 125mm

Shed standard Pent specification available options

value for money in our base line sheds

value for money in our base line sheds

22mm premier cladding
19mm Log Lap cladding
22mm Heavy duty floor
50mm x 50mm framing
security options
opening window
Stable Door
Felt options
Tanalised Timber ( See tanalisation specification here)