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Small Garden Office

Inside Out Buildings understand that many people within Somerset and Devon need to work from home. A small garden office can often be a quick and easy answer to working from home. A small garden office measuring the same size as a single bedroom is the most economical way to either free up existing house space, or add to your house space. The cost of building a small garden office is so much less than moving home, alongside the sheer nuisance value and stress involved with any house move. Our garden offices are built with premium (ex) 19mm redwood timbers, pressure treated to prevent rot and decay. The home offices are fully lined and insulated, and can be fitted with carpentry opening windows and doors. Extra security can added, with re-inforced doors and security locks can be added to all our timber home offices

work from home timber office

A small garden office – a brilliant space to work from home

Small Garden Office

Inside Out Buildings know that choice is important, especially if you are working from home, and a small garden office is where you are likely to be spending a large part of day. Clever design can be key, making sure you get as much value as you can from your small garden office. Your office needs to be practical and work for you. The garden office must meet your needs for it to be the right home office for you.

Small Garden Office

A smart garden office is likely to add value to your home. Inside Out Buildings want to provide our Devon and Somerset customers with quality home offices at an affordable price. A small garden office, measuring 10' X 7'  fully insulated and lined, with carpentry fitted double glazed windows, local deliverey and erection will cost in the region of £3,200 inc vat.
We do not sell our products on the web as we would like you to come and touch, see, feel our timber buildings before you make any decision. It is inwise to pay too much for a small home office, but paying a little and getting a lot can't be done.  

We offer free site surveys and consultations within a 20 mile radius of our yard. We would love to have the opportunity to advise you on all of our timber products, there is no obligation to buy, and no pushy sales people.