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What do you look for in a Timber Garden Store?

At Inside Out Buildings, one of our most popular timber garden buildings is a timber garden store. In real terms, I guess it doesn’t matter what a timber garden building is called. It can be whatever you want, or need it to be. My feeling is that it is called a timber garden store – rather than a shed – because often a shed is a standard oblong or square type box building, the sort that you see at the large garden centres lined up like soldiers against the wall.

With a timber garden store, our customers have wanted just that. A place to store items, and often in an unusual size or shape. What we have found is that there seems to be a general need for a timber garden store to fit in a particular space in the garden, and like all things in life, very rarely does a standard garden shed fit that space.

Timber garden store with windows

Garden store and occasional office

Practical & Fit for Purpose

We believe a timber garden store has to be practical, well build and fit for purpose. The timber garden store has to fit into the space you have set aside for it, and fit into your life. It has to look good, and stand the test of time. At Inside Out Buildings, we can work closely with you, listen to your needs, make suggestions, and answer questions that you didn’t know you had.

You may think that all of the above is starting to sound like an expensive timber garden store? Well, we build our garden buildings here at our Devon workshop, and we only use premium ‘A’ grade redwood timbers. These are fully pressure treated 19mm shiplap carcassing timbers, and extra strong framing suitable to the size of the shed. Hand built, precision cut, and finally lined with a breathable waterproof membrane.

We like to think that we are not expensive. We price our buildings on a the cost of the workmanship, timbers and overheads with very small margins. We are a local business and want to support our local communities in providing them with the best quality timber garden store that their money can buy. Our belief is that keeping the local economy healthy, employing local people is the best for all of us.

Redwood timber garden store

All our timber garden stores are built with heavy duty timbers

Providing exactly what you need

Soap box aside, if you are going to use a timber garden store as a valued place to ‘store’ your items, you will have a budget to work with. It is unwise to pay too much, but worse to pay too little. Pay a little – get a lot? This can’t be done. You run the risk of it not being the shed that you need, which in the long run can work out to be more expensive.

We have an under cover workshop. Come and see our timber projects being built. Feel, smell and see the timber buildings for yourself. Talk to a person – get the answers you need alongside practical advice – clever design can give you maximum value for money and a practical timber garden building which will meet you needs for years to come. All our advice is given freely – no obligation – no pushy sales. Our buildings speak for themselves, and you will make your own decision whether we are the people that you need to build your timber garden store.

Timber garden stores - all shapes. styles, designs

Whatever you want in a timber garden store we can make it for you