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Cabins – handmade in Devon

There are many definitions of the word cabin, and I think the one that most suits us most is ‘a small one-story dwelling usually of simple construction‘.

We build our cabins from the ground up – we do not import panels from Europe or further afield as many ‘Cabin’ manufacturers are doing, and selling as handmade cabins – which of course technically they are correct, as someone somewhere has made it, but hey – regardless of this, what I will say to our customers is the following:-

All of our cabins are hand built, custom made cabins for the individual. We build them here in our workshop in Devon. We start by building the floor in sections, followed by the carcassing.

Timber cabin

On site with the timber cabin carcass in situ

The hand built cabin sections are then joined together and the cabin roof trusses constructed. It then starts to look like a skeleton of a timber cabin. At this point all the openings for the joinery grade windows and doors have been measured and the next step is to ensure that all the windows and doors are painted or treated and glazing ordered.

It sounds far quicker that the reality of building a timber cabin, as the general principle of all good carpentry is to measure twice and cut once. The amount of individual pieces that have to be measured and cut is considerable, and as we are not a factory building so called ‘off the peg’ structures, each hand built cabin has differing timber sizes.

You may well ask as to why we do not build a standard cabin, and this is purely because we know that one size does not fit all. We build custom made cabins to suit what you want and need.

Cabin timbers

For our cabins we use the finest tanalised redwood for the carcassing. All of the carcassing is structural grade carcassing – either c24 or c16. The outer cladding will be from homegrown western red cedar or quality larch waney edge sourced from the West Country (if you decide that this is not the finish you require on your custom made cabin we can advise you on other suitable finishes). The internal finish can be practically any type of timber that you would like, and with all of our handmade cabins, we work closely with our customers to achieve their desired result.

Hand built cabin

Cedar waney edge – timber cabin clad in western red cedar sourced in the South West

All of the wood in our cabins is FSC certificated ensuring that every piece of timber in your wooden cabin can be traced and shown to have been felled legally.

Cheap Log Cabins

The answer is no – we don’t sell cheap log cabins, we only sell quality value for money log

Handmade cabin

Cabin Interior showing timber cladding

cabins. Our ethos is simple when we construct a timber cabin: we want to build a log cabin from quality timber, using skilled workers, that is fit for purpose for many many years to come. It is the old age expression of ‘you get what you pay for’  and ‘buy cheap, buy twice’.

We work on the principle that if you are interested in having a handmade timber cabin built for you, we will offer you a clear breakdown of the costs involved in building your cabin, planning advice, site surveys and any other information that you may need.

Log Cabin Interiors

Once the cabin has been built, it’s time to consider the cabin interior. This is something very personal to the customer, and all furnishings here are not our design, so what we are saying is that the final finishing touches on your hand made cabin are a blank canvas for you to decorate in your own style.

Cabins – handmade in Devon

Cabins – handmade in Devon