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Garden Sheds 

At Inside Out Buildings we have a wide variety of garden sheds for sale. We are a small local Devon company supplying garden sheds throughout Devon and Somerset. All of our garden sheds are made here in the UK. Inside Out Buildings supply garden sheds sourced from one of the UK's premier shed supplier to the trade. Alongside our shed supplier, we also build our own range of garden sheds. These garden sheds are built here, on site at our timber yard at Dunkeswell, Honiton, Devon. Inside Out Buildings developed this side of our business, as it had become apparent that garden sheds were not always as straight forward as they seemed.

Garden Sheds – the bespoke option

Inside Out Buildings learnt that not everyone wanted a standard 8' x 6' pent shed, (which of course many people do want, & we do supply) but a garden shed 'to fit', as we all know, one size does not alway 'fit all' Inside Out Buildings are able to offer a garden shed building service. This means that you can have a garden shed built to your exact needs. Planning your garden shed area is key – 

Garden sheds can be built to fill that unwanted corner in your garden, turn an ugly un-loved space into a feature.

Garden sheds can be placed to give extra privacy from your neighbours, creating a screen and a private outside space.

Garden sheds can be used to shield an area from the weather

Garden sheds can be used to divide garden spaces, hiding bin storage from entertaining areas.

Garden Sheds – every man and woman's best friend.

Inside Out Buildings know the value of the humble garden shed. Many great people produced their masterpieces from within their garden sheds. Virginia Wolf, Agatha Christie, Rudyard Kipling, Roald Dahl, Benjamin Britten to name but a few, and even the bouncing bomb, invented by Barnes Wallis, was invented in his garden shed. 

Britain owns around 12 million garden sheds, and the shed owners spend around 60 million hours a week in them. Inside Out Buildings understand how important it is to make the right garden shed choice.

Garden Sheds – the right choice.

Inside Out Buildings offer you the choice of roof types, framework, doors, windows and finishes. You can also come to our yard and see our garden sheds. You may not see the exact building of your desire, but you will be able to see our construction methods, floor quality, windows and fastening, quality that will stand the test of time.

Garden Sheds – buy cheap, buy twice

It is unwise to pay too much for a garden shed, but it's worse to pay too little. Pay a little for a garden shed and you can expect to get little – inferior timber, lightweight internal supports, poor build quality, the list is endless. The truth is, paying a little and getting a lot can't be done. If you buy at the lowest cost, add extra £££'s for the risk you run, if you add the two together you will have enough to pay for something better.

Gardens Sheds – planning & clever design

Inside Out Buildings would love to have the opportunity to work with you and help you plan and design your garden sheds. It may be that all you require is a standard garden shed built to last, and you will find that at Inside Out Buildings our quotes are very competitive for quality garden sheds.
Bear in mind that clever design ensures you can get maximum value for money, design a garden shed with additional features, extra storage areas and doors, making one shed into two fully functional working spaces. Combining a garden home office with garden sheds using an internal dividing wall but additional shed access door. The list is endless. Garden sheds can be as wide ranging as your imagination, and most importantly a garden shed does not have to be a one trick pony.

Timber garden sheds Somerset

Garden sheds can be whatever you desire – we will work will you to create your vision.