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Timber Garage apex roof Somerset and Devon Suppliers

Standard Features Timber Garage with apex roof

50mm x 50mm framing throughout with diagonal side bracing

Garage Timber Somerset Devon suppliers

Timber Apex Garage

Substantial 75mm x 50mm roof truss:
1 up to 15ft
3 up to 20ft
5 up to 30ft
Heavy duty roofing felt
Joinery windows
No floor

Specification Timber Garage with apex roof

Sizes from3.05m x 2.44m ( 10′ x 8′) to 9.14m x 3.66m (30′ x 12′)
Eaves height 1895mm (74″)
Ridge height 8′ Front 2490mm (94″) 10′ Front 2595mm (102″) 12′ Front 2690mm (106″)
Double doors 1880mm x 2135mmTimber Garage apex roof Somerset and Devon Suppliers
Side door 1775mm x 762mm
All doors are in 75mm x 50mm framing and braced
Windows 610mm x 457mm
Opening window 552mm x 400mm
Framing 50mm x 50mm
Cladding 16mm x 125mm

Additional Options Available

garage security lock and door knob

Heavy Duty Garage lock and door knob

22mm Premier cladding
4′, 5′, 6′, or 7′, fully framed 75mm x 50mm double doors
Lock and key security options
Felt options
Tanalised Timber. Tanalisation specifications see HERE