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Cat Kennels

Inside Out Buildings based in Dunkeswell in Devon, on the Devon and Somerset border, can tailor your animal housing to suit you. Our cat kennels are made from premium (ex) 19mm shiplap timbers, pressure treated to prevent rot and decay. The detailing in the cat kennels can be seen here. Fully braced cat kennel doors, with letter box style peep holes, allowing the cat some light, but a warm comfortable place to rest. 

Cat Kennel with integrated cat flap

Cat kennel made from fully tanalised premium timbers

Inside Out Buildings can adapt the cat kennels to suit you and your cats. The cat kennel in this picture has been made for a customer needing a double ended kennel, with two separate cat sleeping areas, and two separate cat flaps.

cat kennel

Cat Kennel made from premium timbers with lockable cat flap

Inside Out Buildings work with the customer, and listen to their ideas and needs. The cat kennels four way cat flap locking system enables the cat to be housed within the cat kennel for a period of time, without escape. The means the cat kennel will become home to your cat, and be their place to sleep and rest. There is plenty of room within the cat kennel for a drinking and eating area and toilet area. 

cat kennels

Kennels for cats – animal housing

Inside Out Buildings can roof your cat kennels with a variety of finishes. Shown here is a felt roof, with timber batten, secured to the body of the timber frame. Other finishes to cat kennels can be shaped felt roof tiles, powder coated steel, and wooden tiles. We can also build cat kennels with apex roofs. Shown here is a cat kennel with a pent roof.