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Contempory Office for Home or Garden

Garden office

Clean lines with large windows in this garden office

Working from home

Whether you want an occasional home office or somewhere to relax, chill out zone for reading and relaxing, most of our buildings can be multi purpose and change with your needs. There are a growing number of homeworkers who need a space away from the home, and an office in the garden is an ideal solution. Clean lines, large wide windows and doors as specified by our client. We can work with you on any home office project you have, and always enjoy taking on new projects. Offering hand built and custom made offices means that our experience of building home offices and the like is vast, so whatever your ideas or plans for your home office we feel confident we can meet them.

Contempory Office for Home or Garden

Garden office with letterbox windows

Letter box windows are something that we regularly feature in our home offices. With a letter box window it enables you to have free space on the lower wall of the buildings, but still allowing light to come into the office. It also, if it happens to be south facing, restrict the amount of sun and heat coming into the office as it sits within the shaded area of the roof overhang. Most offices we build without the need for planning permission as they fall within home offices and permitted development, but of course this does not stop your neighbours from having an opinion. Personal space and privacy is important, and siting your home office so that it does not impact on other people makes for an easy life. The letter box window can be a good option as it is gives you privacy while maintaining your neighbours personal space from any intrusion your home office may cause.