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Feather Edge Fence Panels


Do you need Feather Edge Fence Panels? – Then look no further

We have feather edge fence panels in stock. These feather edge fence panels are heavy duty feather edge panels. The fence panels measure 6ft X 6ft.

Larch Lap PanelsHeavy Duty Feather Edge Panel


£22.00 per fence panel (ex VAT)

Our heavy duty feather edge fence panels have been made from premium quality timbers, and we feel confident that our pricing will be one of, if not the best price you can buy a feather edge fence panel locally. 

Please feel free to come to our yard and inspect our feather edge fence panels, as not all fence panels are built to the same quality as the fence panels we have on offer. Our feather edge fence panels are built to last, and priced to sell. Our offer on these feather edge fence panels is for a limited time only, so our advice to you is to speak to us today 01404 891404, or contact us via our website https://www.insideoutbuildings.co.uk/contact-us/