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Garden room for all seasons.

Here at Inside Out Buildings we like to think that we can provide you with a timber building that is fit for the purpose that you want and need. Garden rooms and garden studios are so much more than they used to be, and it seems that what was once the preserve of the garden, a timber summerhouse, that our customers want a garden building to be so much more than just a summerhouse.

We build our timber garden rooms to be a garden room to meet your needs, be it just a room to sit and bask in the sun, somewhere to shelter, a warm den or a work space – and the ability to be multi functional.

Our priority is to build using quality timbers so that you get a garden room that can be insulated, internally lined, add electrics for lighting and heating. The garden room need not meet all the requirements in terms of a home office, sleeping area or work space, but our buildings give you the option to make it into whatever space you need. We all know that our lives and our needs change, and we would like to think that the uses of our garden rooms can change with you.

The garden room is framed in construction grade timbers, and can be clad with a variety of timber finishes. Joinery doors and windows with single or double glazed units, plus an option of UPVC available. Internally we can offer fully breathable membrane lined buildings, and an internal finish of sawfalling timber, tongue and groove boards, plaster board, ply or similar. We will work with you to get the look you would like for your garden room.

The reality is that you can call a garden room what you want – summerhouse – work room – office -cabin – studio, but it all comes down to a timber garden building built for you for your purpose.

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