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Redwood Garden Sheds – Suppliers of Garden Sheds throughout Devon and Somerset

Devon and Somerset Suppliers of Garden Sheds

Here at Inside Out Buildings we can build a garden shed in our workshop, or supply a garden shed that is so called ‘off the shelf’ option.

The garden sheds that we supply, but do not build in house are produced for us as garden shed panels by a large company in the North of the UK. These panels are delivered to us, and we offer a full delivery and installation garden shed package.

The garden sheds are built in traditional redwood shiplap timbers and dip treated with a Teknos quality water based preservative. The sheds are treated with the preservative on not only the exterior of the shed, but also the interior. The floors and roof panels are constructed in TGV redwood boards, so the complete shed is constructed from redwood timbers.

We can supply a garden shed in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and also in different size cladding timbers.

These garden sheds are certainly not the cheapest on the market, but conversely not the most expensive. It is true to say that when buying any type of timber, you do get what you pay for, and often buying a cheap shed can be a poor investment.

We have on display at our workshop, two garden sheds constructed of the garden shed panels, so you can come and look for yourself the quality of the timbers and workmanship.

We also have additional heavy duty panels to view and feel, should you decide that you would like a heavier duty garden shed.

We aim to supply and install within 4 week of ordering, sometimes less as we are able to order and receive within the same calendar month.