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Shed Bentley Supreme Apex – Devon & Somerset Suppliers


Shed Bentley Supreme Apex Standard Features

Quality build supreme Apex shed

Shed – Supreme Apex

Diagonal bracing in the sides
Diagonal bracing in the ends
38mm x 50mm boxed framed door
6’2” High door (available in either end)
Standard press lock and key
Zinc plated hinges
3 fixed windows


Shed Bentley Supreme Apex Specification

shed / workshop door location

supreme shed door specification

Sizes from 2.44m x 1.83m (8’ x 6’) up to 3.66m x 2.44m (12’ x 8’)
Eaves height 70” / 1778mm
Ridge height 4’ Front – 81” / 2078mm
5’ – 84” / 2143mm
6’ – 88” / 2253mm
8’ – 93” / 2373mm
Door 1778mm x 914mm
Windows 610mm x 457mm
Framing 38mm x 50mm
Cladding 16mm x 125mm

Shed Bentley Supreme Apex Options Available

22mm Premier Cladding
19mm Log Lap Cladding
22mm Heavy duty floor
Increased height options which enables the door to be positioned on any side wall
Workshop upgrade to include 4’ wide fully framed boxed door
Felt options
Tanalised Timber