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Tanalised Timber – Benefits & Advantages

At Inside Out Buildings we use 19mm shiplap premium redwood tanalised timber to build all of our timber garden buildings. It is fair to say that not all tanalised timber is the same. The definition of tanalised timber is: a number of different chemical preservatives and processes (also known as timber treatment, lumber treatment or pressure treatment) that can extend the life of wood, timber, wood structures or engineered wood. These generally increase the durability and resistance from being destroyed by insects or fungus.

As you can see, the definition of tanalised timber can be quite wide. It does not specify how the timber is treated, or the chemicals used.

Unique Timber Protection

Our redwood timber is treated with a unique timber protection. It is Tanalith E. This is a water-based wood preservative that contains copper and proven organic biocides. When impregnated into the timber the preservative components bond with the wood structure and cannot easily be removed.

To ensure the best treatment, our timbers are high pressure treated. Tanalised timber that is dip treated is not as effective. High-pressure treatment of timbers means the wood has to have all the extra air removed from the wood under vacuum. This then allows the Tanalith E preservative to be forced into the timber and become fully absorbed. Dip treated timber is exactly what it says, and only treats the surface of the timber.

Treated timber - tanalith E

Tanalised timber treatment process

Redwood tanalised timber

Timbers treated with Tanalith E have proven performance against fungal decay and insect attack. It has a natural green colour and has excellent weathering properties. Using tanalised timbers may cost you more in the short term, but in the long run, they will stand the test of time and weather. It’s unwise to pay too much for something, but paying too little can be worse. If you buy cheaply you run the risk of having to spend more. At Inside Out Buildings we want to offer our customers quality and value. Finest redwood tanalised timber means we can build you a timber building fit for purpose that will last for many years. We offer no obligation advice, free local consultations and site visits, and are, of course on the end of a phone to speak to you.

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