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What do you want from a Wooden Play House?

wooden play houseWe all know that playing outside creates healthier minds and bodies. A wooden playhouse stimulates the imagination, it becomes the fairytale castle, the fortress defending the enemy, the local village shop, the pirate den on the Island of Faraway — whatever your child wants it to be. Children need to play, freedom and independence and safety within the boundary of your garden.

At Inside Out Buildings we want a wooden playhouse to be something that grows and adapts with your child. It may seem that investing in a wooden playhouse seems expensive, but if we can work with you and find a garden building that is to last for many years, and have many, many hours of use, a good well designed wooden playhouse can actually work out to be really good value in the long run.

When the play is done, the wooden playhouse can be a place of rest and quietness. As your child grows older, perhaps the wooden playhouse can become a hobbies room, an artist studio, an extension to your house where they can hang out and be teenagers, putting the world to rights… we call it future proofing, or making sure that if we build a wooden playhouse for you, that you can get as much use and value out of it that your money can buy.

Regardless of your choice – an off the peg factory built playhouse,or one custom built to your exact brief – you can be assured that a timber play house that is supplied by us will be of top quality and will last you for a very long time.

Garden play

Working with you to understand what you want from your timber garden playhouse

Making the right decision – what do you have in mind?

We would love to be able to work with you and your family, and design and plan a timber playhouse with you. Whatever your budget, we can work with you to get maximum value for your money. We offer free no obligation site visits if you live within a 20 mile trip from our Devon workshop. At our Dunkeswell showroom, we have a range of timber play houses on display – as pictured as a sample of some of the wide range that we have available. Find us here or ring today 01404 891404

wooden barn play house

Barn style wooden playhouse with internal bench storage box

large wooden play house

Playhouse upstairs and downstairs – whatever you want we can make it happen.